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bigger box with color marked changes

Great thing - i was searching for it along time - keep on !
Is it possible that the changes in the box are marked with a color and the box is a bit bigger ? Rest is very good :D

Xilent , 08.01.2012, 13:16
Idea status: under consideration


Xilent, 08.01.2012, 13:39
Ok -.-' I found the option for the size of the box ! :D Just colors of the changes would make it perfekt :P
faqfaqfaq, 08.01.2012, 17:12
Thank you :). So you want to display the changes with a different font (e.g. bolder/different color)?
Xilent, 08.01.2012, 19:40
EXACTLY :D I used a tool called Website-Watcher but it was very slow and didnt worked soo good.But here is a screenshot http://aignes.net/screenshots/wswss_forum.png i mean that the text that is new or changed should be marked so yellow would be nice. Thanks

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