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Please give it the options available in Firefox extension "Check for Change"

I discovered Check for Change a few weeks ago and it has everything I could want. I would like to have the same kind of extension in Opera. I'm sure you have Firefox so if you could look at Check for Change and see what it does and add its additional features to Website Monitor that would be wonderful.
I have Check for change set to 20 seconds, with sound notification, tab notification, popup notification, and to bring the watched page to the front if there is a change. It works when I am using another tab. It works when Firefox is minimized.

I work for a site that gives an assignment to the first person who says he wants it so it's important for me to see each job listed immediately. Check for Change has increased my income. I would just like to be able to do the same thing in Opera. Thanks.

pat , 25.12.2011, 23:00
Idea status: under consideration


faqfaqfaq, 30.12.2011, 10:35
Thanks for the feedback. The thing is that Firefox extensions have a much better API, offering much more possibilities to the developers, but with a steeper learning curve... so we are pretty limited with the current API in Opera and Chrome (they are similar).

For example, notifications, we can't just have browser notifications in Opera, we have to tell the injected script of the currently focused window to create an element with the desired content, and remove it afterwards, but if the user closes the tab or switches to another tab the notification is gone (it is page dependent)

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