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movable popup window, alert method,improve "P" key

Hi, thanks for this great tool. Please consider some improvement: 1, the whole popup window is nearly one fourth of screen, sometimes covers the area of selection words. Is it possible to make popup window movable? 2, I could only see one method of alert: the little red number on the button. Any other method, bigger? And, is it possible to change color to NOT red when no alert? 3, I tried some websites, in most cases P hotkey doesn't work. Please improve this.

joshatt, 21.12.2011, 01:21
Idea status: under consideration


faqfaqfaq, 21.12.2011, 08:12
Hi. Thanks for the feedback.

1. The popup window can be moved only in development mode, as far as i know, but I could make it disappear when you click to select a region and after you make the selection you can click the extension's icon and continue from were you left
The current version doesn't work with display composition neither (meaning compiz, transparent windows on linux and maybe more)

2. There is also the number on the extension's icon and a popup that appears in the upper left corner. In the new version I added sound notifications also (it's optional).

3. I don't know of any problems with selecting the parent element ('P'), but I will check it out more when I'll make the new version.

Winter break starts on Friday so I'll make a few improvements then.
joshatt, 25.12.2011, 04:38
Thanks. For example, please try newagg or amazon, any merchandize, try P hotkey on the price part, it is not working for me.
Marcel, 31.12.2011, 01:49
Hint: On some sites I successfully used the Opera zoom to increase the display size and then was able to select the required part.
joshatt, 12.01.2012, 12:34
I just found my problem about "P" hotkey----- I should use S hotkey first, before P to expand. LOL.

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