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Detection based on CSS Style

A game i use utilizes CSS styles to determine turn state. Notifying about CSS changes would make your extension useful for this purpose.

As for implementation. I would run a tree walker through all nodes given the start node and collect all style / class information. Then compute a hash ( maybe crc32 like http://jsperf.com/crc32 ) from the collected information. If a rerun obtains another hash than the stored one its probably a change.

However this can pollute results so its best made an option only.

Milky , 14.10.2011, 17:39
Idea status: under consideration


faqfaqfaq, 08.01.2012, 18:14
I though of using md5 before also but I will be implementing dif so I need to keep al the data. I will add the possibility to manually add an element. Thanks

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