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Check all, better visibility and import/export

A check all button would be great. Also if you could highlight the elements that changed in the monitors list(in addition to the little number on the button of the widget), because sometimes the pop-up that shows the last changed items comes when we're not in front of the computer, and if we have a lot of monitors it's very difficult then to know what elements changed... Finally an import/export function would be very practical to use the widget on many computers for example.

Herf , 12.08.2011, 20:01
Idea status: in process


faqfaqfaq, 13.08.2011, 00:24
A check all button will be added and the new version will be available on Monday, the import/export will be done later. But what do you mean about the highlight of updated monitors ? When the content of the monitor changes, it gets a thin green outline, when the server is offline the outline is orange and when the element is missing (the structure of the website changed) the outline is red. Thank you for the feedback :)
Herf, 13.08.2011, 14:23
Ok I've just seen the green outline :D With highlight I meant change the background color for example, but the green outline is good :)

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