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Bug: No plus ( ) sign available

No plus (+) sign available

Boo , 07.08.2011, 21:17
Response from the site administrator
faqfaqfaq, 07.08.2011
what do you mean ?
Idea status: completed


Douson, 05.09.2011, 16:17
Unable to add site. There is no button "+".
Opera 11.51.1087
faqfaqfaq, 05.09.2011, 16:20
Have you tried it on different websites ?
It once had a problem with websites that load fast (google or local websites) but I thought I fixed it and it never occured to me.
Danny, 13.09.2011, 13:30
At first I wondered where is the button either. But then I realized I forgot to reload the pages after installing the add-on. Maybe you have the same issue?

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