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autorefresh and smaller intervals

Finally such extension for opera, thank you:)
2 suggestions: I'd like the extension to autorefresh the page and THEN check if there are any changes. I'm sure it's possible since opera gives option to autorefresh pages.
Second thing, I'd like to have the timer more customizable, e.g. I want to refresh and check pages every 10 seconds.
Otherwise great:)

arkhadius , 05.08.2011, 13:58
Response from the site administrator
faqfaqfaq, 05.08.2011
I will make the minimum timer to 1 minute :-) . But it definitely shouldn't go this low because you may find yourself in the situation where the extension hogs your broadband when you have many monitors. I don't really understand the first bit though; autorefresh the page if the page is already opened in your browser ?
Thank you for your suggestions !
Idea status: completed


arkhadius, 05.08.2011, 14:33
Yeah, but let's say there is a page that I need to refresh in order to see any changes. Then I don't want to sit there and press f5 all the time.
About timer: please let the users themselves determine what they want to do. Give us 5 or 10-second timer and only those who want to use it will use it. Others can use 1hour timer as far as I'm concerned:P
I have only 1 page that I want to refresh and I need those 10 seconds.
You may want to check out "check4change" extension for firefox and take a few ideas from it. It's great except the fact that I hate firefox and love opera:P

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